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Sweating in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Feel the beneficial effects of the heat in the Finnish sauna, the bio sauna or the steam bath. The word ”sauna” originates from Finland and, roughly translated, means “room made of wood”.

This method of inducing sweating is one of the most traditional and goes back hundreds of years. Enjoy our spa facilities in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Finnish Sauna made from Swiss Pine

High temperatures of around 90°C are typical for this sauna and humidity is relatively low. In fact, the air inside is practically dry.


The humidity in this sauna is higher with levels reaching around 45%.  At 60°C, the temperature inside is also lower. It is thought to be more beneficial to the circulation.

The Steam Bath

If spa facilities like saunas with temperatures of up to 90°C are a little too hot for your liking, we recommend you relax in the warm water vapour of the steam bath, with temperatures of around 45°C. Sweating is induced primarily by the 100% humidity in the steam bath.


On days when the sun doesn’t come out, you can top up your tan a little in our skin-friendly solarium

(1 token gives you 20 minutes for € 7.50).


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