The Seven Summits

"Der Gollinger" hiking and relaxation hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm is the perfect choice for anyone in search of a challenging mountain holiday. Many mountain hikers use this comfortable hotel as their base for the "Seven Summits". The legendary 24-kilometre Seven Summits Tour should only be attempted by physically fit, seasoned mountain hikers. Anyone with this tour on their hiking holiday to-do list will certainly have something to boast about when they get home.

The "Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm" over the loftiest peaks in the Glemm Valley, with alpine character and a huge 1,413 altitude gain, is for experienced individualists who are physically fit. Scaling the seven highest peaks in the Glemm Valley requires strength, nerve and endurance. Participants on this tour experience the grassy mountains that appear so inviting from the Gollinger Hof from a completely different perspective. They must tackle rugged rock faces, steep ascents and breathtaking gorges. Successfully completing the Seven Summits Tour delivers a real alpine adrenaline rush. The exhilaration from pushing yourself to the limits and seeing nature up close truly defies description. It's something you have to experience it for yourself.

The ascent over steep mountain slopes and the rugged, pristine natural landscape to the summit. Taking a deep breath and contemplating everything in the world below at a distance. Feeling your heart pound with every step and breaking into a spontaneous as you savour the unrestricted view to the horizon. This sensation of freedom and joie de vivre awaits the mountain hiker on the summits of the Glemm Valley.

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The starting point for the Seven Summits Tour is reached on the Schattberg xPress cable car, which runs a special early service between 07.30 and 07.40 for eager mountain climbers. Tickets must be bought in advance because the ticket office is not open at this early hour. Simply collect your Seven Summit chip card from the lift staff and off you go. A signposted path leads over the Stemmerkogel and Hochkogel peaks to probably the toughest climb of the tour – the Hochsaalbachkogel. The tour then continues over the Bärensteigkogel, Manlitz- and Mittagskogel summits to the final highlight and highest peak in the Glemm Valley: the 2,363-metre Geißstein. Enough energy should also be kept in reserve for the challenging descent via the Birgel to the end of the valley. There are no serviced lodges along the trail so careful preparation is essential: hikers need to have the right equipment, enough food and water in their rucksacks and to inform themselves in advance about weather conditions and early descent options.

The Gollinger Hof hiking and relaxation hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm is the perfect base for this unique mountain tour. Its comprehensive offering for active holidaymakers provides a relaxed setting for this alpine challenge. As well as advice from the hotel manager, with his in-depth alpine knowledge, and a host of culinary delights, the Gollinger Hof hiking and relaxation hotel provides a relaxed atmosphere and a comprehensive relaxation programme in its own Alpine Oasis. Whether you have completed the Seven Summits or another of the attractive mountain tours in Saalbach Hinterglemm, the hotel "Der Gollinger" offers the necessary peace and quiet and a relaxed ambience in which to recharge your batteries.

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